ADL - our solution to modern native interop in .NET - has been out for a while now, and while it has been overall well-received, the main complaint that the community has been bringing up is its licensing model.

From its conception, ADL has been licensed under a dual licensing model - GPL for the public, and a custom license for anyone that GPL doesn't fit. This was done in the hopes of ensuring some form of revenue from the library - there are a lot of workhours in it, and it utilizes fairly uncommon and innovative solutions. We hoped this would be enough to justify a GPL/custom licensing model.

However, judging by the reception, with most people turning in the door as soon as they saw the GPL license and not taking the time to consider a custom license, we realize that it may not be tenable.

As of today, ADL has been relicensed under the LGPLv3. We hope this will address most of the concerns that people have had with the licensing, and that it will serve to promote the library in a more favorable light.

Now that the library is completely free for use, we've opened a Patreon where you can contribute to its development and help us keep working on the library.

Please take a moment and check it out. Any contribution is welcome, no matter how small.

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